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Gunn Runnaz 2020 Members
Vonstallin President
Mean Gene VP
Torch SGT at Arms
KP Sway
President OGR
Mean Gene
Vice Presiden

Sgt. At Arms

KP - Sway


Foolah Mike
Lead Road Captain

Road Captain


Foolah Mike


Ice Steve

Gunn Runnaz Fallen and Honorary Mentions
Gixxer Joey
Lite Dog
Jeff Cannon

2019 R.I.P

Nelly aka Flash
2017 R.I.P
Gixxer Joey
2012 R.I.P
"J-Rock" Vonstallin OGR 2004 R.I.P
Chris /LiteDog OGR

Honorabl Mention

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1999-2002 Independent Riders
2002-2012-2020 Gunn Runnaz

GunnRunnaz®, are Motorcycle Riders, who run the mean streets of D.C. VA and MD. We are a club of like minded street riders and track racers. To gain access to our Crew you must be down with us and of course...Ride with us. There is no time frame to become part of the club, just your dedication to the club as a whole....Basicaly become good friends.
Hang out and just roll with us and be ready to get your ride on. Most memebers have rode with each other for at least 5 -17 years. We look for Above Average Riding Skills, but willing to teach potential members.

HISTORY of The GunnRunnaz: Part 1
1999 - 2012

GunnRunnaz originally started with Mingo and LiteDogg in 1999 under the name "Independent Riders". Next came Vonstallin and Foolah Mike in 2002. For 2 years the 4 of us rode, partied and Chilled. Early In 2003 Lil J-Rock (Vonstallins Brother) made the team and Cannon made cameo night ops and back road rides.

In 2003 Cannon who predominately was track with occasional midnight "GunnRunnz", help come up with the name and Idea of the GunnRunnaz.
GunnRunnaz is named after the late 1980's classic hustlers run from DC to Baltimore making drug and weapons drop-offs and exchanges. This old and far gone illegal act was the perfect name since we made frequent runs from DC to Baltimore. The Gunn was your motorcycle. The Runn was DC Rt 50 to 495 to 95 N to Baltimore and back. In 2002 we refered to our night runs as Gunn Runns....and later we took on the name to reflect our 5 man crew.
Mingo was the original Training officer and OG of the Crew along with Litedog. They had a harsh way of training. You Go Hard, or You Go Home.

2012 A New Day and A New Gunn:

Gunn Runnaz and Road Runnaz have always been lifelong friends, and was a good idea to add the remaining members of Road Runnaz who still rode non-stop into the folds of the Gunn Runnaz. They have always felt like Gunn Runnaz just like the Gunn Runnaz have always felt like Road Runnaz. Most of these friendships are more than 10 years old, some as much as 17 years old. We Welcomed the Road Runnaz into the group. With all the ground work, information and overall feel of the Crew, we got mentoring from an established well ran club. Since this was a new/fresh start we redesign the old GR logo and came up with a new one. The new 3 Triskelion Skull.

While much of GR stayed the same as far as how we conduct business it felt right to make the commitment to becoming official. Gunn Runnaz are built off of "BBR"... Bikes, Brotherhood and Riding. Nothing Else Matters.

Gunn Runnaz Patch History: 2002-2012
1. The Way of the Gunn: Gunn Runnaz originally started out with a a Gun scope with the letters G and R overlaping forming a gun.
2. A Bullet to the Head: The next logo represented the age old symbol of death and danger, A single skull with a bullet hole to the head.
3. The Triskelion Skull: When it became time to go from boys to men and make the club legit, we decided to change the symbol for a new age with old values. The New symbol of 3 skulls connected aka the Triskelion Skull, symbolize the (OGR) Three original Gunn Runnaz: (Mingo, Foolah Mike and Vonstallin) who were still riding together and the remaining Gunn Runnaz. The connection looking in all directions depics moving forward looking in all directions West, North, East. It is a play on the "Hear no evil, See No Evil, Speak no evil" Except we are doing the opposit.
Black Death, Red Blood...

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